California Innovation Center


California Innovation Center

California is home to two of the three largest biomedical clusters in the world—San Francisco and San Diego. The state employs more than 152,806 people in biopharmaceutical, medical device, instrument and diagnostics companies as well as research institutions. Companies in California received more SBIR and STTR NIH funding in 2012 than any other state, and the top ten research institutions and universities in California received more than $2.5 billion in NIH funding. California leads the country in life science investing, attracting nearly $2 billion in venture capital investment through the first three quarters of 2012, more than the total of the next eight states combined. California companies developed nine of the 39 FDA approved new molecular entities in 2012, accounting for nearly a quarter of all new medicines for the year.

The California Innovation Center, located in Menlo Park, will serve as an easy access point for entrepreneurs and researchers in both the San Francisco and San Diego life science clusters, as well as other developing life science hot spots on the West coast, including Seattle.

Diego Miralles, M.D.
Diego Miralles, M.D.

Head of Johnson & Johnson California Innovation Center
Head of Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI)

Diego Miralles leads the Johnson & Johnson California Innovation Center in carrying out the organization’s mission to access early external innovation. Diego’s background includes more than 13 years in the healthcare industry and 12 years in the hospital and academic worlds.

Diego is also head of Janssen Healthcare Innovation (JHI) and leads the team in actively testing and launching more than a dozen new business models. JHI is focused on enhancing the value of our existing pharmaceutical business by identifying and integrating emerging technologies and novel partnerships in the following areas – clinical trials, adherence and genomics. The team is also identifying business opportunities in newly created markets such as innovative financing of healthcare, optimizing healthcare delivery and health maintenance.

Additionally, Diego is the management sponsor of Janssen Labs and oversees its business and operational management, including the initial concept development, site construction, business model architecting, and company selection criteria.

Previously, Diego was involved in the development of several drugs that were commercialized, including FTC, T-20, PREZISTA®, INTELENCE® and EDURANT®. He has extensive experience in clinical research, mostly in the HIV/AIDS space, including work on antiviral drug development at Belgium’s Tibotec BVBA, Trimeris, Inc, and Triangle Pharmaceuticals.

Prior to this, Diego was on the faculty at Duke University, Durham, NC, where he had a clinical HIV practice after serving as attending in charge at The AIDS Clinical Trial Unit, Beth Israel Medical Center, NY. He completed his fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Cornell University-New York Hospital after a residency in Internal Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN. Diego graduated from the University Of Buenos Aires School Of Medicine in 1986.