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Leadership perspective – CDI @ TMC

About Us

Accelerating Innovation

The vision of the Center for Device Innovation at the Texas Medical Center (CDI @ TMC) is to significantly impact healthcare by accelerating the development of breakthrough medical technologies.  As a collaboration between Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies* (JJMD), Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC (JJI), and the Texas Medical Center (TMC), CDI @ TMC brings together the unique strengths and resources across these great enterprises to create a novel approach for medical device innovation.  The team, resources, and access to expertise through CDI @ TMC enables needs-based ideation, rapid technology prototyping, and pre-clinical / clinical testing with shorter timelines and capital efficiency.  

 * The Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies comprise the surgery, orthopedics, and cardiovascular businesses within Johnson & Johnson’s Medical Devices segment.


CDI @ TMC employs 3 primary modes of engagement to accelerate medical device development:

Internal Technologies

New ideas and IP generated internally at CDI or one of J&J’s family of companies

External Technologies

IP / technology transfer from universities, hospitals, and inventors to develop at CDI

External Companies

Strategic start-up companies in residence at CDI, with firewalled development

The team at CDI @ TMC has a proven track record of successful medical devices and has flexibility to engage in new opportunities across a spectrum of different services and needs, including: independent development, collaborative co-development, machining / prototyping, design for manufacturing, and strategic advising.

Entrance Criteria

Although CDI @ TMC manages a portfolio of device initiatives, the focus is on developing early-stage concepts in new technology spaces.  New opportunities are selected primarily on the following criteria:

  • Impact to patients and clinical care
  • Alignment with strategic interests
  • Differentiation of technology and IP
  • Utilization of CDI resources and team
  • Reduction of risk with capital efficiency
  • Potential market and business case
  • Pathway to access the IP / technology 

Areas of Interest

  • 3D Printing
  • Cardiovascular
  • Digital Surgery
  • Neurovascular
  • Oncology
  • Obesity
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Surgery
  • Vision Care

​Facilities & Resources

  • 25,000 sq. ft. maker space designed for device development
  • Full machine shop with advanced prototyping equipment
  • 60 work benches with private access configurations
  • Facilities for electronics lab, wet lab, and mechanical testing
  • 12 private offices and 24 open workstations
  • VR system and visualization space
  • Conference rooms and break room 


CDI @ TMC is being led by a world class team of physicians and medical device entrepreneurs.

  • Dan Alesi
    Dan Alesi
    Vice President of Engineering
  • Carlos Amaro
    Operations Manager
  • William E. Cohn
    William (Billy) Cohn
    Executive Director
  • Dana Deardorff
    Dana Deardorff
    Senior Director
  • Bruce R. Rosengard
    Vice President, Medical Devices, Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC

Texas Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world, with 59 member institutions and over 106,000 employees on a 50 million sq. ft. campus.  Each year, the TMC has 10 million total patient visits, 750,000 ER visits, and more than 180,000 surgical procedures performed.  With these expansive resources in such proximity, CDI @ TMC will have access to a broad range of pre-clinical and clinical facilities for testing and feedback to accelerate development.  CDI @ TMC has established partnerships with several institutions to leverage these resources of the local Houston ecosystem and beyond:

Establishing and fostering productive relationships with key external stakeholders, both large and small, is an integral part of our strategy. Each partnership is built on a shared vision with well-defined and agreed-upon goals and objectives, to ensure the success of the business model, product, service or technology. We offer creative solutions to structure partnerships, licensing deals and acquisitions. This flexible approach has helped to position the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies as the partners of choice.


  • Johnson & Johnson Innovation to Join NXT Biomedical Therapeutic Device Incubator to Accelerate Medical Device Innovation


    Most Promising Device Candidates to be Advanced to Center for Device Innovation at Texas Medical Center for Further Development

  • Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies Unveils State of the Art "Engineering Studio" at Texas Medical Center to Accelerate Medical Devices Development

    Center for Device Innovation @ Texas Medical Center to be Led by Acclaimed Surgeon and Entrepreneur Billy Cohn, M.D.

  • Meet Dr. Billy Cohn of TMC's new Center for Device Innovation

    Change was "scary" for the heart surgeon as he left his old position for his new one. But now he's living in a world he helped create.


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