The Johnson & Johnson coLaboratory for the Future is a space for world leaders to engage in dialogue, debate and discussion about innovation, inclusion and positive societal impact. During and since its launch at the World Economic Forum, the coLaboratory has hosted leading thinkers on economic policy, Nobel winning scientists, journalists, and senior leaders of the world' s great companies.

Conversations in the Colab

Hear what guests of the coLaboratory have to say on the future of healthcare innovation.

    Listen to our podcasts

    A powerful panel of women, including Dr. Paula Johnson, Ruth Katz and Françoise Girard, discuss the future of women in STEM

    Gary Reedy, CEO of the American Cancer Society, explores the future of cancer treatment 

    Lowinn Kibbey of the Human Performance Institute, explains the importance of managing energy 

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    World Economic Forum

    Davos, Switzerland

    Januari 2018

    AAAS Annual Meeting

    Austin - Texas, USA

    Februari 2018

    Next Einstein Forum


    March 2018

    Biotechnology Industry Organization Convention

    Boston MA, USA

    June 2018

    Aspen Ideas Festival

    Aspen Colorado, USA

    June 2018

    Euroscience Open Forum

    Toulouse, France

    July 2018

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