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The medical challenges we face today are more complex than ever, but the opportunity we have to address them is unprecedented. Tackling those challenges means changing the way we think about innovation at a fundamental level.

This is one of the reasons why I’m proud to work for Johnson & Johnson Innovation. We are constantly seeking new models of collaboration to help bring together people who are otherwise in different worlds.  Academics, entrepreneurs, Government and industry are all essential players in our mutual quest to improve health for the public and patients. Bringing them together in the right partnerships gives us a much better chance of addressing the complex health challenges facing humanity. We believe that anything can be solved when committed people put their resources and resolve together.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation was established six years ago to nurture great ideas, no matter where they come from. We work flexibly with our partners, offering them access to our expertise, resources and infrastructure to ensure their solutions can be delivered safely, speedily and effectively to the people who need them.

As you read through this report, I hope you get a clear sense of our mission and passion, as well as the capabilities of Johnson & Johnson Innovation across Europe, Middle East, and Africa, led from our Innovation Centre in London.

Because together we can change the future of human health.

Sir Harpal Kumar, MA, MEng, MBA, DSc, FMedSci
Head, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA)

Sir Harpal Kumar

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