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Our vision is to provide a capital efficient and flexible platform where emerging companies can transform the scientific discoveries of today into the breakthrough healthcare products of tomorrow. To accelerate scientific discovery, business, financial and operational obstacles need to be removed so that companies can do what they do best, focus on the science and bringing innovative solutions to patients.

Team Members

  • Sahar Ali
    Office Leader, Houston, TX
  • Danielle Barreto
    Administrative Coordinator, Toronto
  • Lindsay Blore
    Marketing & Events Specialist, South San Francisco, CA
  • Kara Bortone
    Director, Venture Sourcing & Development, San Diego, CA
  • Shamin Dewsi
    Office Leader, Toronto
  • Kristen Dyer
    Sr. Administrative Assistant to Melinda Richter, South San Francisco, CA
  • Paul Englert
    EHS&S Manager, San Diego, CA
  • Aurelie Gaudin
    Innovation Digital Activation Manager
  • Marc Gibson
    Operations Manager, Toronto
  • Breanne Halyk
    Innovation Activation Specialist, Toronto
  • Chelsea Hewitt
    Global Innovation Activation Leader, San Diego, CA
  • Madelaine Holden
    Innovation Activation Specialist, London, UK
  • Julie Humphries
    Operations Manager, Houston, TX
  • Alan Koder
    Director of Operations, Boston, MA
  • Erika Kula
    Business Development, Operations, South San Francisco, CA
  • Christopher Lalli
    Communications, South San Francisco, CA
  • Stephanie Lehman
    Administrative Coordinator, Houston, TX
  • Samantha Lifson
    Innovation Activation Specialist, Boston, MA
  • Christina Lonergan
    Sr. Manager, North America Operations, San Diego, CA
  • Raquel Longley
    Marketing and Events Specialist , Houston, TX
  • Tom Luby
    Head of JLABS @ TMC, Houston, TX
  • Lori-Anne Manalo
    Administrative Coordinator, South San Francisco, CA
  • Allie McCormick
    Innovation Activation & PR Manager, Houston, TX
  • Richard Minevich
    Global Project Manager, Boston, MA
  • Minh Miran
    Global Business Operations Senior Manager, South San Francisco, CA
  • Madeline Neziol
    Marketing and Events Specialist , Toronto
  • Vanessa Ramirez
    Office Leader, South San Francisco, CA
  • Melinda Richter
    Head of Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS, South San Francisco, CA
  • Brittney Sabbah
    Innovation Activation Specialist, San Diego, CA
  • Neema Saless
    Operations Manager, South San Francisco, CA
  • Nikki Sarantinos
    Marketing & Events Specialist, South San Francisco, CA
  • Lesley Stolz
    Head of JLABS, California, South San Francisco, CA
  • Jamie Thorpe
    Office Leader , San Diego, CA
  • Jorge Tovar
    Innovation Enablement, Business Technology Leader, South San Francisco, CA
  • James Viola
    Innovation Activation Specialist, South San Francisco, CA
  • Rebecca Yu
    Head of JLABS @ Toronto, Toronto


Bringing the big company advantage to entrepreneurs

Our resident companies are the best example of why being at JLABS is a stepping stone towards success. Our capital-efficient and flexible platform provides early-stage companies with many of the advantages of being at a big company while preserving an entrepreneur’s equity and freedom to drive his or her science forward. JLABS is a “no-strings-attached” arrangement. There is no first look, no first right of refusal and no equity assigned to Johnson & Johnson or Janssen. This allows resident companies to maintain complete entrepreneurial freedom as they focus on scientific innovation.

JLABS professional operational management and programming resources free up time for entrepreneurs to build value through pipeline development. Instead of being sidetracked by getting their businesses up and running, companies residing at JLABS gain immediate access to core research facilities hosting specialized capital equipment, as well as shared administrative areas. Additionally, JLABS produces a year-round curriculum designed to assist innovators along the product development continuum. 



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