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Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLINX is a multifaceted initiative in Europe designed to identify and nurture early-stage companies who are actively pursuing research with the potential to transform human health.

Accelerating early-stage transformative innovation

We catalyze scientific advances by offering start-ups a spectrum of flexible ways to grow and collaborate across the European life science ecosystem.

Located in a fully dedicated facility on the Janssen Campus in Beerse, Belgium, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLINX fosters a creative start-up culture, provides access to select scientific talent and resources on the Janssen Campus and through the Johnson & Johnson Innovation network.

JLINX has a focus on human microbiome research, alongside other areas of innovation in pharmaceuticals and cross-disciplinary healthcare solutions.


Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLINX is a collaboration between Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and bioqube ventures, which will provide an experienced management team to run the day-to-day operations of JLINX, including managing the investment portfolio and relationships with external venture investors, involvement in identifying and securing new companies, and supporting the overall scale-up of the new initiative.

  • Tom Aelbrecht
    Head of the Janssen Campus Office
  • Debora Dumont
    Managing director of Bioqube Ventures
  • Nico Vandervelpen
    Managing director of Bioqube Ventures


Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLINX will provides entrepreneurs with opportunities to share ideas and collaborate with each other while accessing a unique combination of resources including investment, infrastructure, and access to relevant internal and external scientific, technical and business expertise.

Operating at the Nexus of Science and Business

JLINX complements and extends the Johnson & Johnson Innovation network of initiatives to create a unique environment for scientist entrepreneurs to access capital, infrastructure, resources and expertise needed to build their businesses and advance scientific research and development for the benefit of patients.

JLINX accelerates early-stage transformative innovation, including a focus on the human microbiome as well as broader life-science research.

Nurtured Independence

Investment in promising transformative innovation through Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLINX is venture-based and the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies will not hold any specific rights to commercialized products by virtue of the JLINX relationship.

Johnson & Johnson Innovation will works closely with Bioqube Ventures, which will provide an experienced incubator management team to run day-to-day operations, including managing the investment portfolio and relationships with external venture investors, involvement in identifying and securing new companies, and supporting the overall scale-up of the new initiative.

Agility with Scale

Our model combines internal expertise with external entrepreneurial skills creating a start-up culture with selected resources, insights and expertise of a global healthcare leader to accelerate breakthroughs.

JLINX Community

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  • Belgium-Based JLINX Incubator to Transition to Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLABS, Expanding Outreach Across Europe

    The Belgium-based JLINX incubator - a collaboration launched in March 2016 between Janssen Pharmaceutica NV and Bioqube Ventures - will become part of the global Johnson & Johnson Innovation network, transitioning into a JLABS, making this the first JLABS in Europe and the 10th JLABS in the world. Called JLABS @ BE, the site will accommodate up to 30 life science startups focused on innovations across the entire healthcare spectrum, including biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, consumer and healthtech sectors. 

  • Nico Vandervelpen nominated in Bloomberg50 list

    Beerse, Belgium
    December 5, 2017

    Nico Vandervelpen, JLINX partner and co-founder of Bioqube Ventures, has been named by Bloomberg as one of the top people to watch in 2018.

  • What’s Brewing at JLINX?

    Beerse, Belgium
    October 30, 2017

    With the launch of JLINX in April 2016, Johnson & Johnson Innovation further expanded the reach and diversity of its company incubation model. Based at the Janssen R&D campus in Beerse, Belgium, this multifaceted initiative is designed to nurture young companies in Europe with the potential to deliver healthcare breakthroughs. Andrea Dingemans delves in to find out what JLINX adds to innovation.



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