Slush 2018

Learn how to enhance your startup’s story,
and then pitch your transformative idea
at our Johnson & Johnson Innovation booth
at 6C.2 at Slush 2018!


Apply Below!

We all aim to make our audiences sit up and listen, be they a crowd of conference attendees or our next investors. But how can you stand out from the crowd? Join professional comedian and science communicator Dr Anna Ploszajski to learn how to sell yourself using humour and storytelling, and take your big idea to the next level. Join us for Session 1 on Breaking the Ice at the Start of your Pitch and/or Session 2 on Storytelling to Reel in your Audience. After that, you will have an opportunity to meet our executives and put everything you have learnt into practice.

Slush is a unique and exciting opportunity to pitch your health tech company to #JNJ scientists, investors, executives and dealmakers. We are looking to partner with entrepreneurs in all our areas of interest across pharma, medical devices, consumer and health tech.

Deadline for applications was November 26, 2018. Applications are now closed.


Neomed (Montreal)
7171 Frederick-Banting
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA H4S 1Z9
(514) 367 1212
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